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The Other Gods is a funky project by Berlin based textile artists and designers Lena Voutta and Thoas Lindner.
They create intense and atmospheric tapestry and immersive rooms, but also wearable art and masks.
With an overdose of colours, shapes and materials you are beamed into another world.
Both Artists have many years of experience in fashion design and contemporary art. 

With The Other Gods they created themselves a playground for more extreme costumes and objects.
Inspiration comes from travels, nature, family and the so called Weltenseele (world soul).
Since two years the creative power couple is having a little cabin in the woods, south of Berlin, a city escape to clear the mind and connect with nature. 
It is an never finished artspace and the place where The Other Gods are created.

Get in touch for custom made tapestry, exhibition requests, costume styling or press features.

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