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„The Womb“ is an immersive Art Space, the source of life, an intimate capsule, created as an ode to fertility.

The womb is our origin, the place where we all come from, the place where we are in peace with existence and ourselfs.

The womb is a save place, a shelter, created for joy, reflection, calming down and  re-connection with our ancestors.

The Womb is the point of view of the unborn child.


We created The Womb for "Human Electricity 2" - the group exhibition of Mahalla Berlin for Berlin Art Week, September 2022.

The size is 300cm x 400cm and 280cm in height (12sqm) and consists of 6 single tapestry pieces, made of mixed yarns - mohair, merino, cashmere and virgin wool, cotton, linen, lurex, viscose, polyester..

The complete Tent, but also single parts are available for Sale, Rent or Exhibition.

You can view The Womb (by appointment) at MaHalla Berlin.

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